Year 5 Circles

Oxford Owls

One of the reading schemes that the children here at St.Agnes are familiar with is ‘The Oxford Reading Tree’. is a useful website with top tips and activity ideas so you can help your child with reading. You’ll be...


Reading photographs

Hello parents/ carers, All of the staff and children at St Agnes are working really hard to improve reading throughout the school. The main way to do this is for more children to read for pleasure; both in school and at home.  Reading is...


Road Safety

This week the children will be reminded about the dangers of traffic and learn some rules to use to help keep them safe when crossing the road. Your child will take home a booklet written specifically for parents which gives guidance on relevant...


Read all about it!

In Year 5 we are busy learning how to write newspaper reports. To aid their learning, it would be helpful if the children read newspaper articles at home.   Here are some links to two great websites where they can read about what’s in...



This week is Anti- bullying week. It isn’t only our school thinking about it, other schools are doing it to. Here’s what we did for Anti -bullying week. We went to the library to meet an Author,who’s name was Craig Bradley, and we created a poem...


That Poetry Bloke

On Thursday 16th November Year 5 will have the opportunity to meet an Author at Longsight Library. They will be taking part in an Anti-Bullying Workshop by poet Craig Bradley. If you would like more information about him please Google him- he...



On Tuesday 7th November, we had 2 visitors from the NSPCC who told us about staying safe and speaking out.We learnt about a person called Guy and how he did not have any food to eat, and how he had to wake up without any clean clothes to wear...

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