Year 5 Circles


On Tuesday 7th November, we had 2 visitors from the NSPCC who told us about staying safe and speaking out.We learnt about a person called Guy and how he did not have any food to eat, and how he had to wake up without any clean clothes to wear...


Birthday book

Starting this half term, we would like to share your favourite book with you on your birthday. You could bring in a book from home, share your library book or choose one from the classroom. If you would like to, you could read your book to the...


Firework safety.

As you all know, bonfire night is nearly here and we want all children and adults to have a very good time. We had an assembly scheduled all about firework safety with a police officer. Sadly, he didn’t arrive as there had been an incident...


Egyptian Day

This week, on Thursday, the children in Year 5 came dressed as Ancient Egyptians. There were some excellent costumes. We also got the chance to look at each other’s Egyptian projects. There were some amazing ones which really showed a lot of...

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