Coming soon ! Pyjamarama: Friday 1 May

To celebrate the bedtime story and reading together, this year’s Pyjamarama will be a day when families across the country can join in a festival of story-filled fun at home.


There’ll be loads of activities and events for children to take part in – the only requirement is that they’re done in pyjamas!

Pyjamarama festival line-up

To take part, just sign up to receive the Pyjamarama newsletter and you’ll find out more about all the activities that will be taking place throughout the day.

On the day, just stay in your PJs and look forward to a day of stories and activities, and share what you’re getting up to on social media.

Sign up now.


From Pyjamarama’s Frequently Asked Questions:
I don’t have, or want to wear, PJs. Can I do something else?
*We know that not everyone has PJs, or may not want to wear PJs, but still want to join the fun. That’s great! That’s what Pyjamarama is all about – everyone getting together to have fun.
So instead of PJs, why not encourage children to spend the day with a favourite teddy, wear slippers, wear a colourful T-shirt or read a favourite night-time book? It doesn’t matter what it is, we just want you to have fun*
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