A lovely message from one of our mums!

Dear Mr Uddin, & all the staff at St Agnes,
Hope you all are well and safe.
Firstly i would like to take a moment and thank all the staff at St Agnes for their incredible efforts during these unprecedented times.
 When we closed the school i wasn’t expecting it to be like this, i thought we would be back in school after the Easter holidays but the scale of the pandemic has just hit and we’ve realised that we have no definite date of things going back to normal.
This has been quite worrying and upsetting as my kids love to go to school. When the news first broke out my daughter Salma insisted to go in and i was pretty confident and assured that she would be in safe hands and all required precautions would be taken but it had come to such a point that this was no longer possible anymore.Emoji
The staff at St Agnes have been amazing, and to have you as our headteacher & Miss Lynton’s support is a Bonus, we couldn’t have asked for anyone better than you two to lead our school. 
I truly hope and pray that the world recovers from this crisis and we can all return back to normal. This is a testing time for all and we can now truly appreciate all the blessing we had and will hopefully carry on to have in the future. 
Cant wait to see everyone at school soon!
Take care & stay safe. 
Mrs Bibi 
ps; There’s plenty of work on the school website for Salma, shes always doing something and there’s never a free moment that i cant get her to babysit the little one!

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