Letting our worries go

There are times in life when we must share our worries or do something that makes us feel like we have lightened our load. You can do things like listening to your favourite music, having a nice hot bath or reading your favourite joke book to cheer yourself up or you can write your worries down and get let them go!

Child Line

Childline has thought of a lovely way for us to let our worries go.

All you have to do is play the Balloon Game. The instructions for this are below:


Click on the blank letter box and write your problem or worry in the space.

Blow up a balloon using the pump – inflate it at least 4 times on mobile and 7 on desktop to release it. But be careful not to pop it! – I must admit, I popped my first balloon rushing as usual.

Click and drag the balloon onto the letter. Sit back and watch your worries float away.

You can play this game by clicking on the link below:


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