Achievement Assembly Key Stage One Week Beginning 12.6.2017


It is time to celebrate the wonderful achievement of our EYFS and Key Stage One children this week. We have had lots of wonderful stories of the work our children have taken part in. Let’s see who the St Agnes’ C of E Superstars are this week:



Kaif had a wonderful week last week with lots of fantastic work and great behaviour for learning. The staff in the Nursery are extremely proud of his achievements!

Horia has been showing her passion for writing and attempting to write in all areas of the classroom. The staff are so proud of her letter formation and her name writing. Well done, Horia!


Reception Circles

Raifah has been wowing the teachers with her phonic knowledge all week. She is listening carefully to the sounds in words and is able to use them to help her spell. Well done, Raifah!

Aiman has had a fantastic attitude to her learning this week and has been trying really hard to work well in all areas of the classroom. Well done, Aiman!


Reception Triangles

Tamjid attendance last week was amazing! He was able to complete all of his Chilli Challenges and made sure he explored in all areas of the classroom. Well done, Tamjid.

Jannat has been recognised for her excellent effort in phonics. She can now blend and segment cvc words. Well done, Jannat.

Year 1C

Wahid had a fantastic week and has been extremely confident applying his phonics knowledge to his writing. Well done, Wahid!

Anaya has been writing some fantastic writing pieces this week. Mrs Smith and Ms Hewat are very proud of her achievements.

Group of the Week: Yellow Group

Year 1T

Saaiq has been extremely well behaved this week. All staff have noticed how mature his attitude has been at school and wanted to thank him for trying to do his best all week.

Mehnaz has been writing some fantastic independent pieces during Literacy lessons this week. Ms Hewat wanted everyone to know that Mehnaz was a writing super star.

Group of the Week: Blue Group

Year 2C

Zayan has a worked really hard in English making lots of effort to include Stage 2 writing features in his independent writing pieces. Well done, Zayan!

Aishat has been setting a good example to others by recycling and thinking about the environment. Thank you Aishat for looking after our school and our planet!

Group of the Week: George’s Marvellous Medicine

Year 2T

Inaayah has shown real maturity over the past few weeks. Her handwriting is beautiful adn she is showing key features of Stage 2 writing in all of her independent pieces of work. Well done, Inaayah!

Deen has been making Mrs Barker extremely proud with his superb reading aloud ad his comprehension work in Guided Reading. Well done, Deen!

Group of the Week: Witch



12th June 2017

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