Author page: Beth Milner- Davey

Chinese New Year 2020

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Year One were given a design criteria to create a Dragon for the parade that represented the seasons during the Year of the Rat. The children were given a variety of different materials and tools to choose from and...


Chester Zoo

We went on a trip to Chester Zoo! The children saw lots of different animals and learnt about how they survive in the wild. The children came away with lots of ideas on how to use these animals as characters and the different settings when they...


Numbers to 20

This half term in Maths our focus is on numbers to 20. The children have been practicing counting, reading and writing numbers to 20. They have also been exploring how many tens and ones are in numbers to 20 and how to represent those numbers in...


Winston the Worried

Our text for this half term has been Winston the Worried. To begin with the children made sheep using  variety of different materials. They learnt the text following the story map and then began to change it. They have been working together and...

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