Super skills alert !

A massive well done to Ummamah who has been developing her fine motor skills at home! Keep up the great work! If you would like to try this activity at home you will need: Pen Paper Small objects such as … Read more


Fine Motor Activity

Here’s a fine motor activity you could do at home. All you need is a sheet of  paper and your hands ! Tear the paper. Tearing paper is an amazing fine motor activity. Tearing paper requires strength and endurance of … Read more


Chester Zoo Virtual Day

Today,  Chester Zoo will be opening their gates for another virtual day at the zoo! Virtual Zoo 10:00 – 10:20 Asian short-clawed otters 11:00 – 11:20 Fantastic fossa – Madagascar’s super predator! 12:00 – 12:20 Songbirds from South East...


Fantastic Work Alert !

Well done to Ummamah – more super writing! You remembered to use a capital letter at the beginning of each day and sentence and your spellings are correct too – good job Ummamah !  And Yara – wow ! Such … Read more


Awesome Work Alert !

Ummamah has been working very hard, writing words and sentences, doing subtraction calculations as well as learning about the properties of 2D shapes ! Well done Ummamah ! Thank you to Ummamah’s family for helping her to...


Fantastic work alert !

Some amazing work from children in Reception Circles… A huge well done to Ummamah and family ! Super addition, working out of one more and one less and filling in the missing numbers ! Keep up the good work Ummamah.… Read more

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